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 7 Do Not After A Meal Bird Nest You Ate

 Bird Nest You Ate

Malaysia and Indonesia producting around 800-2000KG of bird nest per year. ranging from birds nest (white house type), Swiftlets birds nest, Long(2) Ya(2) Yan(4) : Collocalia Fuchipaga, cave nest, house nest, white nest, grass nest, feather nest, red nest to yellow nest. only a very small amout of them are eatable, other all dirty and dark in color. No one will want to buy those. Isn't that a big waste? No, certainly not. Suppliers will just reprocess it, whiten it so that it can attract buyers/consumers.

Some Suppliers make use of H2O2 to take away the ugly smell of bird nest. H2O2 is a strong chemical which can cause cancel. H2O2 also a highly prohibited for adding it to any kind of food and beverages.

Besides that some cruel and inhuman suppliers also make sure of SO2 and SO3 poisioness chemical to filter out the dirt and straighten up the color of the bird nest. In take of such chemical will greatly increased the chances of getting cancel.

Originally bird nest didn't contian high nutrition, after processed by those chemical mentioned above, It contain nearly zero nutrition. do you think it's still worth to eat ?

Some supplies even shape the processed bird nest into leaf, round, nest shape. Also they will dic them in different colors for example gold, yellow and red. Then sale them as high quality bird nest.



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